Design Elements


Digital Paintings


Top Left: It is a digital painting of a chick using a variety of brushes to create a realistic effect. It was created in Adobe Photoshop.

Center Left It is a digital painting called The Lone Owl and was shown in the 2017 edge show. This was created in Adobe Photoshop.

Bottom Left: is a swordsman that takes inspiration from the X-Men movies. The various brushes in the image where used to portray the motion of the sword being swung. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

Right: It is a digital painting of a woods scene with a deer. This was shown in the 2016 edge show.  This was created in Adobe Photoshop.

Image Manipulation


Top Left Image: The image of the man was restored and put in a recent photo of the University of Dubuque campus.

Bottom Left: This is an image of a building in downtown Dubuque, IA and has a mural proposal painting on it.

Top Right: The image is a Christmas card using the University of Dubuque’s quad and bell tower as a central focus.

Bottom Right: Is a picture that was shown in the fall into art show. In the image I took the meaning literally and  decided to have the moon falling. It was called Fall of the Moon and was created in Adobe Photoshop.

Architecture illustrations


Left image: is an illustration of the Goldthorb building at the University of Dubuque. It shows heavy amounts of detail in the bricks and reflections off the windows as well as being able to see the interior. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

Right image: is an illustration of Peters Commons a building at the a University of Dubuque. It was a Christmas card that put an emphasis on the pine tree that is across from the building.

Animal Illustrations



The animals were a part of a series of proposals for different themed rooms for the on campus daycare. Each animal was going to be a different room or age group. The Penguins were going to be for the infants and the lions were going to be the children 6 years and over.

Illustrations of Titanic Scenes


The images above are of two iconic scenes from Titanic. The one on the left is from the end of the movie when Rose tells Jack to never let go. While in the second image its of Jack holding rose at the front of the boat.

People Separated: Hand Images


The two images are a collection in which the first image is just one hand being pulled and dragged by the other while in the next image the two are torn apart and separated from each other. Created in Adobe Illustrator.



The monuments where all illustrated with the same style in mind and to show them in their simplest forms. Created in Adobe Illustrator.