Joel Avila Design is a place to see the work that I have created up until now. It will range from various Graphic Design, and  Design Elements If any of the content in the website interests you then feel free to contact me for use or creation of a future product. Feel free to also get a download of my resume.

University of Dubuque Quad


My name is Joel Avila and I come from Belvidere, Illinois. I am currently studying Digital Art and Design at the University of Dubuque in Dubuque, Iowa. I also participated in cross country and track my four years of college along with having two on campus jobs.

Senior Thesis

My Senior Thesis was made up of three pieces an animation, the storyboard and the poster. The animation was all created in Adobe Animate, the storyboard in Adobe Illustrator, and the poster in Adobe Photoshop.

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